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Orofacial Pain | Dental Treatment of TMJ Disorders

  • TMJ Disorders (Temporomandible Joint Disorders)
  • Migrane and Associated Head and Neck Pain
  • Grinding / Clicking - associated with unresponsive toothache

There are a number of facial pain conditions in addition to cracked tooth which cause toothache, such as facial migrane, trigeminal neurologia, myofacial pain. Frequently teeth are mistakenly  treated or surgery is performed in an attempt to treat a misdiagnosed facial pain condition. TMJ symptoms include pain or discomfort in or around the ear, jaw joint and/ or muscles of the jaw, face, temples and neck on one or both sides. An estimated 75% of the population have experienced one or more signs or symptoms of TMJ Disorder.

We follow a conservative diagnostic and treatment plan. Most researchers strongly recommend: 

  • reversible and conservative treatments,
  • diet modification, 
  • correcting your posture,
  • avoiding pre functional activities such as grinding and clenching

These are vital for successful outcome.
Treatments designed to permanently change the teeth or reposition the jaw with orthodontics or dental reconstruction should be avoided.

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