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The globally acclaimed Six Month Smile treatment...

Mia's two front teeth used to stick out and made her feel insecure. she felt people were looking at her teeth not her. In less than six months Mia got a new smile. she felt a lot more comfortable smiling and laughing. See more about this treatment in the video.

Six Month Smile - Before and After Treatment

Six Month Smile Orthodontic Treatment

We now provide adult orthodontics in St Johns Dental Clinc Tralee using the globally acclaimed six month smiles system for our patients .

The three main advantages over traditional orthodontics are:

  1. clear braces are not visible within conversational distance
  2. The clear braces are only in place for 4-9 months as opposed to 2-3 years with traditional orthodontics
  3. The six month smiles adult orthodontic treatment is very cost effective.

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